I am SO disappointed in the Public Storage at 178th and Des Moines Memorial Drive in Burien, WA.
They have raised my rate at least 4 times in the last year so it is now almost double what I signed on for.
They NEVER have the $1 deal they advertise.  EVERY time I go in, they are telling a customer no, we don’t have any of those and they offer other “deals”  that is BAIT AND SWITCH!
I have needed a repair to my light for OVER a year!  The one time a repairman came to “repair” it, he rearranged the front so that when I opened it, a pile of heavy topsiturvy boxes fell on me and they blew off my injury.
The latest CRAP that finally inspired my review is that I called yesterday and tried to get information from Ariel.  She was less than forthcoming, completely uncooperative, and a total disappointment.  After my 1st call to leave a message before they opened that was not returned by an hour later (when they had been open for 1/2 hour), I called again.  That was the ONLY time I was able to get her on the phone.  9 more calls!  You cannot tell me that she was unavailable each of those times.  I am thinking caller id and ignoring a customer you do not want to help is the reason…  When I went in personally 3 hours later I stood there and waited for her to finish with another customer… I called her just to see… she looked at the phone and did not answer it.  TWICE.
To top it off… when she realized who I was; even though I had waited for 15 minutes, she proceeded to help another customer who had JUST arrived instead of me, making me wait even longer despite being visably disabled with a cane!
I cannot WAIT to move out and would have done so months ago if they did not load me up constantly with fees and price increases.

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