Reviews By Peggy – Winning the Heiress’ Heart (The Emerald Quest Book 3) by Susanne Bellamy

Reviews By Peggy – Winning the Heiress’ Heart (The Emerald Quest Book 3) by Susanne Bellamy

***** – That’s right, Margaret gave this 5 Stars!
This story is set in the new state of Hawaii in 1960.  A story about 2 people who carry very heavy scars from their childhoods; scars that do not permit them to trust or to love.  Luc and Eva’s stories are woven around a beautiful Imperial Russian emerald necklace.
The author has done it again, she has created characters and a story that made me feel as if I were acquainted with the people and watching the story develop first hand.  Loved the story and people.
We received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
This is Margaret’s first review (hopefully of many) here at Cosmic Palate.  She specializes in getting to the point with short, sweet, and concise reviews.
Here is a link to her review at Amazon.  We always appreciate it when you mark our reviews as helpful!
The Series:
Book 1 – Capturing the Pirate’s Heart by Annie Seaton.
See Cosmic Palate’s Review here.
Buy it at Amazon.
Book 2 – Saving the Soldier’s Heart (The Emerald Quest Book 2) by Jane Beckenham
Look forward to our review!
Buy it at Amazon.

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