Stop Funding the Palestinian Authority – Sign the Petition

The Palestinian Authority does not want peace with Israel. They support brutal murders – car rammings. stabbings, rocket attacks and ongoing incitement – against Israeli citizens.

Sign the Petition                PA1

“PA President Abbas has confirmed that, of the pledged $440 million in foreign aid that the PA will receive from the United States, an estimated $46 million will be allocated to support prisoners” The criminals and terrorists that murder innocent children like those 3 kidnapped boys – one an American (Naftali Fraenkel), run over 3-month old babies visiting from the US (Chaya Zissel Braun) – and then write songs about how glorious it is, stab Christians while they hike (Kay Wilson & Kristine Luken), and hack old people to death (too many instances come to mind). We are paying the Palestinian terrorists families a salary for their having comitted a crime. This is AGAINST OUR LAWS. The US prohibits criminals from profiting from their crimes. So why are we paying terrorists for having killed our citizens and Israels?


“We urge the EU and world leaders to recognize the PA as a supporter of terror and cease all funding immediately.”   Sign the Petition

Source: Stop Funding the Palestinian Authority

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