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**Spotlight Review** – Capturing The Pirate’s Heart by Annie Seaton

Once again Annie Seaton has delivered a real winner.

Capturing the Pirate's Heart

Madeleine’s family is gone and her Uncle has emptied their manor house and dismissed the servants prior to dragging her onto a ship bound for the Americas. Meanwhile she has the key to a family secret and hopes she can recover something once they hit New Orleans that will allow her to restore her family home and the people she loves to their positions. She takes drastic measures to escape the noxious man her Uncle would have her marry and finds herself at sea on a pirate ship with the
notorious pirate Captain Sébastien Leclerc…

Sébastien has his own noble secrets. This story follows them on their very different quests, with peril, friendship, pretending, and family dramas.

Their love develops despite the trust issues and multiple masquerades they both must play.

Once again Annie Seaton has delivered a real winner. She also manages to leave us wanting the next installment in this shared world.

I have read every single book by this author, and again this one is my new favorite.

The locale and era is different from my own but the feelings and motivations of her characters are relate-able and ultimately Annie manages to draw us into her world, only releasing us as we turn the last page… or rather a short time thereafter.

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Wowsers. Paul is flipping amazing. I would love to have one of his pieces. What a terrific inspiration this man is.

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